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...to Rosyth District Scout Council Web Site. These pages are mainly text only (great for keeping download times down) and are informative for all sections within the District, and visitors.

If you find any pages that do not render correctly; to add content: or comment; then let us know by e-mail.

Forthcoming Events

  • Wed 21 June @ 7:30pm - Rosyth District Executive Meeting

  • Thur 29 June @ 7pm - East Scotland Region, Executive Meeting

  • Sat 01 July - Tue 15 Aug - Schools Summer Holidays

Local News

  • A Squirrel Drey has opened at the 48th Fife (Dalgety Bay) Group, meeting on Thursdays at 4:45 until 5:45pm.

  • The NAN Form, Edition 10, is available on the 'Documents' page.

  • The District have a set of Laerdal CPR manikins, comprising Baby Anne, Little Junior and three Little Anne's along with a Defibtech AED trainer. If you wish to book the equipment for training scouts (Beavers all the way to leaders) please contact Gordon to arrange. The District Diary will show any bookings made.

Risk Assessments

Will all Executive committee members and leaders visit Risk Assessments now. Risk assessments are required for all premises, owned or leased, and all activities.

Membership Records

All members of TSA are responsible for updating their personal information on Compass. Please check your record is correct - especially contact details i.e. email address, telephone. Note: Everyone must have their own unique email address.

If you are unsure of how to do this, please speak with your line manager/GSL.


  • ESR Training Schedule for January - March 2023

  • All leaders please note that a current First Aid or First Response certificate is now required at all times.

  • Leaders must update all other mandatory training 'Safety' and 'Safeguarding' online Training modules. Failure to do so will result in leaders being suspended.

  • Information for Adult Training.
    Please visit these pages as we need your help in making UK Scouting compliant, in terms of our basic Training Modules, Safety and Safeguarding. Young people's safety must be our primary concern, at all times. A number of adults are not completing these module within the prescribed times and this will result in them being suspended.

District Diary

  • The District Diary shows all known District events and National, Scottish, and Regional events of interest. This will be maintained with all known dates.

  • To help leaders in planning programmes, it has been updated to show all school holiday and 'In Service Training' dates up to Summer holidays 2023.

  • To allow District or Regional Teams to schedule visits, it would be very helpful if all major events within the District, i.e. Group AGMs; Fund Raising; and community events, are also added.

Data Protection Policy

  • The Data Protection Policy has been updated to version 1.2. To view Rosyth District Scout Council's policy for Data Protection it can be downloaded as a PDF document.

  • Requests for further information and Subject Access Requests for data held by Rosyth District should be made by email to Claire Fernie, District Commissioner.

Contacting us

  • For matters relating to Scouting within Rosyth District, e-mail District Secretary

  • For matters relating to the Inch Scout Active Support, e-mail Inch SAS Secretary

  • For matters relating to updating these web pages and diary, e-mail Webmaster

  • If you are not in the Rosyth Scout District, check your local library for details of the Scout Group or contact nearest to you. They are usually listed under Clubs and Associations in the library's Reference section, or check The Scout Association or Scouts Scotland websites.

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